When Life Starts to Get Real


As much as I’ve been trying to post more this summer, I’ve been sooo failing at that. Senior year is coming up right around the corner and life is getting way too real. Honestly, I wish I could start college all over again. Most people don’t realize it, but it’s a safety net. There are so many things you get away with!

So here’s what I’m doing this summer:

Working in a research lab
Taking Organic Chemistry + Lab (which I surprisingly like)
Studying for the MCAT
Researching post-grad options before applying to medical school
Hostessing at a restaurant (because DC rent is too damn high)
Prepping for a blog re-brand
Trying as hard as I can to not just forget it all, buy a one-way ticket to Paris and never look back.


Senior year is coming up around the corner and I’m feeling this intense pressure to figure out what the heck I’m going to do once I graduate. Obviously, med school is the ultimate goal but I’ve been dabbling in the idea of a Masters before I apply for M.D. programs. I’ve also been postponing taking the MCAT because I want to be 110% ready before I even register for an exam. It’s a 7-hour exam and I’m only taking it once because I don’t have the time, money, or energy.

You know, I thought summer was supposed to be about fun and carefree living, but I guess I reversed that when I studied abroad. Even on days like today when I have a little time before class to do something fun, I start to feel so guilty because there are 100 other things that I could be doing in the few hours that I have available.

I guess this is that part of young adulthood when you learn to juggle fun and work. I’ve got a lot to learn then. As much as I love planning, I have no idea where to begin when planning the rest of my life. Do I travel first or buckle down now? How do I enjoy my last year of college without falling behind on all the things I need to do to become successful as fast as I can?

I’ve always said that college is not real life, and now I’m entering my transition year of having to become a real person who does real things in real life. I can’t say I’m feeling too ready for that right now. Life is starting to get real.


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  • neeeekks! ✨

    Girl, be my friend! lol Seriously, I’m so glad someone gets it. I’m entering my senior year as well and I get so overwhelmed from feeling like I have to have it all figured out. It doesn’t help that half of my post-grad friends are settled into jobs they love, living on their own, etc. and the other half still doesn’t know what they’re doing. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and I hope your senior year is all that you want and more.
    – Neeks xx

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself lovely! Seriously! Adulthood is a b*tch, but we find ways to make it work, to make it through, and to thrive. You will do all of the above! Pace yourself, you’ve got this!!! Love you!

  • Rae

    I think it’s important that you try to find a balance. You can still buckle down and also have a little fun here and there. You don’t want to burn yourself out. I would recommend speaking with an advisor on campus and even better, speak with a peer that may have just entered the field or has the same aspirations as you do. . just so you can get a little insight.

    I remember feeling just like you my last two semesters of college. I was more excited than I was nervous because I knew I wanted to get a master’s before I entered my field. Luckily, I received an offer not even a full year into the master’s program.