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As I shared in my last post, I was in Italy, Nice and Monaco for my spring break. I told you I’d explain more about the hostel that I stayed in in Nice, France so here I go! Heads up, this post is not sponsored (though I did ask them to provide me with some more photos), so you can trust that everything is my honest opinion!



I stayed in Victoria House Hostel (also known as Victoria Mueble), which is right in the city center of Nice. It’s about a 10-15 minute taxi from Nice Airport but like I said before, do not taxi. It’s horribly expensive and the hostel sends you directions by bus to get to their site. This was my first time in an international hostel so I really was expecting the worst, but I was so so so wrong!

Okay, on to the good stuff.




What I Liked


** I know the hostel has events due to the posters and signs in the hallways. They invited my friend and I to head out to a bar but then we got lost in Monte Carlo and didn’t make it back in time, oops! Valerio (part of the staff) and one of the guests made us crepes because two of the guests (who were also studying abroad) had birthdays on one of the nights I was there, how sweet (see what I did there?)!




What I Didn’t Like




I really hope to visit Nice and Monaco again because it is so beautiful. If I do, I’m definitely coming back here. If you’re planning on visiting Nice or the French Riviera, I definitely would recommend you staying here! You’ll have a blast!

You can find them through their website, Hostelworld or on their Facebook page (links in text)!


Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by Victoria House Hostel or any third-party company. All thoughts are my own. Photos by Victoria House Hotel. Thanks for reading!

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  • That’s awesome that you had such a great hostel experience! I’ve only been to one hostel so far and it was very NOT great. haha! I’m not totally turned off from hostels, just that one. A lot of my friends have had bad experiences at hostels in Hong kong and Macau–maybe our area isn’t a great one for cheap but good lodging.

    • !! I need to find a hostel to stay in for HK if I ever get to visit there again! Hotels there are so frighteningly expensive!!

  • Hannah @ Clean Eating Veggie G

    Being able to stay somewhere with a full kitchen would be AWESOME! That and having it be clean would be top on my list!

  • I’ve never stayed in a hostel, although I’ve always wanted to try! They get many pluses in my book for stable + working wifi, cleanliness, and a full kitchen (and pretty much everything else you mentioned! 😀 ) That’s so awesome of them to make you crepes! :O

  • I’ve always wanted to stay in a hostel! Very cool that you’re sharing your experience with us. Sounds like you had a great time!

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss

  • Awesome experience. Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome, Andraia!

  • Yay!! I love that you had a great first time hostel experience! Mine was pleasantly perfect as well!

    • Thanks Kristen! Hostels are definitely the way to go on a budget!

  • Bree L

    I have never stayed at a hostel before, but I am glad that you had a great time! I am actually going out of the country for the first time this summer to Costa Rica (eeep!) I just love reading your adventures!

    Bree | Quirky, Brown Love

    • How long are you staying in Costa Rica? I hope you have fun! I definitely want to go there soon. Also thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy them!

  • seems like an amazing place!

    from helen at

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