Hello July – Goals Revisited!

Can you believe we’re already halfway done with 2015? It seems like just yesterday I was making my Goals for 2015 post. Speaking of, I decided to dedicate this post with checking in on the goals that I made for this year.


Goals for 2015

1. Being for intentional about Christ – Honestly, I’m not sure how I’m doing in this department. Sure, I pray every night, but do I pray for others outside of my family? Am I following all of Christ’s commandments? I’m still trying to get that right, but I’ve taken a small step by changing my work availability to allow me to go to church every Sunday with no excuses. Baby steps.

2. Be a Better Friend – Hmm, I’ve definitely been trying my best with this one, but I can say that my circle has dropped in size a lot, and that’s a good thing. More about that later.

3. Be a More Consistent Blogger – Well, you guys can be the judge of that but I think I’m failing in this department. I literally have drafts of posts written up and completely forget to post them. To mediate that, I I’m going to start using an editorial calendar. If you don’t know what that is or how to use one, Alisha of The Alisha Nicole has a great post on how to use an editorial calendar, which I plan on using!

4. Keep my Emotions in Check – I think I can say I’ve excelled in this one. I’m still a crier, but I’ve gotten so much better at holding myself back until I can find a private, safe space to deal with my emotions.

5. Keep the Right People In and the Wrong People Out – I’ve been really good with this. I’ve gotten so much more selective with my space and who I allow into it. I’ve never thought too much into my mental health, but I know I feel so much better without the excess baggage, drama, and stress. Like I said, my circle has gotten a lot smaller. I’ll admit, I was the first person to be like “I cut people off soooo quickly” “I keep my circle soooo small”. Thinking back on it, that was such childish thinking. My circle wasn’t even that small and it had all the wrong people in it anyway.

Becoming selective with my space has nothing to do with cutting people off but more to do with allowing personal growth. Sometimes, allowing for personal growth requires you to know how to forgive without taking crap from people.

6. Loving my Body the Right Way – I still love my body, and I’ve been sticking to working out at least 3 times a week and feeding it all the right things. I’m not stepping on the scale every morning, but I am enjoying bigger bursts of energy and healthier looking skin.

7. Open up my Mind and Close my Mouth – Damn, looking back on it that sounds really harsh. Anyway, I think I’ve been doing good with this. It’s funny because I advocated a social media fast in order to open up my mind and now, I’m doing the opposite. I’m checking Twitter every day now because none of the news channels have been keeping me up to date about the activity going on in America lately. Social media has definitely been allowing me to open up my mind to what’s going on these days, while allowing me to look at things from various sides. I still keep my mouth shut though because it’s hard to process it all, let alone talk about it.

8. Let Joy Abide More – This is half and half. I’m like a summer storm. I can get super upset for a little while, but then I’ll let it go. Letting joy abide more doesn’t mean life is all puppies and roses. Like I said before,

“Joy does not bypass suffering, it transcends it.”

9. Find my Bubble – I think I found it. The only places that I can TRULY get stuff done are in two separate libraries on campus. I get schoolwork done in the Medical school library which I have access to with my public health minor, and I get blog work done in the silent lab in our main library. Win!

10. Remind Myself that I Am Enough, but I Can Be Greater – This has been difficult. I have this mindset of always trying to be greater than what I am, which I think is good. However, I keep forgetting that I am enough right now. Knowing you are enough does not mean you should be stagnant, but it should give you the confidence to aim higher.

Wow, that was long. How are you guys holding up with your New Years Goals? It’s so important to keep track of them, no matter how you’re doing so you can track your growth.

Let’s make the most of this month (and the rest of the year)!


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  • I love reading people’s goals and made a 101 in 1001, recently!! However, they are more task-based.

    I love your goals because they are very intentional and things that you are working on to really improve yourself. I’d say that you’re probably doing a great job at them already 🙂