6 Things to Do If You Think You Want to Study Abroad

Hi Friends!

Don’t quote me on this, but I’m thinking of starting a new series for this blog based on, you guessed it: Study Abroad!!

The reason I’m starting it in the summer is because 1. Fall semester study abroad folks are leaving in month or so, 2. Spring semester study abroaders are starting their applications soon and 3. I just got back so it’s still fresh in my mind. I’ll go more into detail later but if you start to wonder why there more posts about study abroad even though I’m back stateside, it’s not because I can’t let go of the wonderful time I had in Europe. Okay maybe just a little.

Alright, enough about me holding on to the amazing past of a few months ago. Here are 6 Things You Should be Doing if You are Even Thinking of Studying Abroad.

10 Things to do if you're thinking of study abroad

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10 Thoughts after Studying Abroad in Paris


I’m finally home!! I’ve been back in the District for a little while now after a (too short) week back at home with my family and 5 WAY too short months in France and various other places. Am I happy to be back? Yes and no but more no than yes. Honestly, I miss France so much and I know that I will most likely end up relocating in the future.


1. Damn, I [did not] miss English

This is kind of good and bad. Like I said before, I found a lot of peace in not understanding every last word being said around me. I loved being able to practice my french with locals and my understanding of French went up a lot for someone who didn’t understand more than bonjour before she came. However, I also like being understood the first time I say something and not having to whip out a dictionary to have a conversation. Thanks to Google Translate for holding me down though. You the real MVP.

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South of France Part II – Cannes, Nice, Eze & Monte Carlo

So the countdown to America has officially begun. Actually, it began a while ago about I’m leaving Paris THIS week I’m home!! I honestly can’t believe it, but I’m not going to talk about that just yet because its way too sad. Already having macaron withdrawals and I’m eating one right now!

My cousin came to visit from London, and I didn’t want to spend the entire time in Paris since I hadn’t taken a trip in about a month so we decided to go to the South of France, again. Honestly, I wanted to go to Greece soooo badly but it just didn’t work out with my schedule so I’ll have to save that for the next time I’m in Europe. Instead, I decided to make the best of it and go to a few different places around the South of France.

We took a quick and easy Easyjet flight from Orly to Nice airport and took the bus 93 to Massena Square which is two blocks from the hostel. I decided to stay at Victoria House Hostel again because I loved my experience last time, but opted for a private room, which gives you a bunk bed with a single bed at the top and a double bed at the room and a private bathroom. Okay, on to the fun stuff!!


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